Behind The Wheel: 3 Things You Did Not Know About Automobile Insurance

If you own a vehicle and still don’t have automobile insurance, you’re doing yourself a disservice! Here are a few lesser known facts about car insurance and why you need to get it for your vehicle ASAP.

It May Cover More Than You Realize

A lot of people don’t realize the vast range of things automobile insurance can cover. Companies may pay to repair the damage from collisions, weather, natural circumstances such as floods and earthquakes, and even if your car hits a pothole. However, that’s not all they may cover.

While your insurance policy doesn’t offer coverage for maintenance of your vehicle; if your car won’t start because rodents chewed away on the wires, you can call the insurance company to cover the damage. Replacing electrical components of your car can cost you in a big way, but a comprehensive coverage can help you out with that.

Moreover, with automobile liability insurance injuries or damages suffered by a third party and their property are also taken care of. This gives the driver financial protection in unfortunate situations where they cause damage to someone else’s property while operating a vehicle.

It Goes Hand-In-Hand with Health Insurance

Here’s another thing you probably didn’t know: automobile insurance can supplement your health insurance too!

According to the Insurance Research Council, the average cost of bodily injury increased by 32.1% between the years 2005 and 2013.

Automobile insurance can come especially handy if you get injured in a car accident and do not have sufficient health insurance to help you cover the costs. Most insurance companies offer coverage for injuries a person may sustain either as a driver or passenger. In fact, some states also require personal injury protection coverage as part of their state policy.

Apart from accident-related injuries, automobile insurance can also help in paying for things such as dental work, funeral costs and nursing care during your rehabilitation which your medical insurance may not cover.

Insurance Discounts Make a Difference

If you have a good driving record, you’re in luck! Most insurance companies are generous when it comes to offering discounts to drivers who have a history of safe driving behind them.

That’s not all though. Insurance companies also often provide discounts for things like anti-theft devices, car safety features and electronic payments, which can prove to be quite beneficial for drivers and car owners. The more effort you put in making your car safe, the more likely you are to be rewarded for it by insurance companies.

Moreover, automobile insurance also accommodates discounts for a certain niche. This can hold true for people in a particular age group, those who belong to certain professional fields, and even the ones who are affiliated with specific organizations or colleges. Companies provide special discounts to individuals in these categories, which can be an added bonus for the customers.

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